Am I confident
Or am I just a mess
— Pop Icon Amelita

Amelita is a future music icon blazing through the intersection of diva pop music and comedy that some would argue does not actually exist. She's brought her continuous world tour all over New York City and the continent, including to the 2016 New York Funny Songs Fest, the 2016 Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, the 2017 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill, the 2017 and 2018 420Comedy Fests in Toronto, the 2018 Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore, the 2018 Philly SketchFest, and the 2018 Big Pine Comedy Festival in Flagstaff.


She also headlined the 2019 Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore and was recently featured in the 2019 New York Comedy Music Festival.

Like the trailblazing pop stars that have come before her, Amelita will continue touring until someone offers her a Las Vegas residency or a Christmas Special on CBS, whichever comes first.